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  • Forces
    • Mass and weight
      • Measured in Newtons (N)
      • Weight is the force
    • Friction
      • Occurs between every object
      • Is a force
      • Grips
      • Smooth surface, less friction
      • Rough surface, more fricton
    • Force Diagram
      • Objects draw as a box
      • Arrows to show the force direction
      • Reaction Force
        • Keeps the object balanced
    • Speed
      • Speed = Distance/Time
      • Terminal Velocity
        • The speed of an objects changes as it falls
    • Density
      • Density = mass/volume
      • How heavy an object is compared to its size. This means there are more particles in the same space
    • Acceleration
      • The force used in order for an object to move
        • E.g: a  car is accelerating as it moves, and just as it begins to move.


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