forces scalars and vectors and acceleration

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  • forces
    • A force is a push or pull that is applied by one object on another
    • Contact forces- the objects are physically touching such as a parachute in contact with the air
      • magnets(fridge strips)
      • tension( stretched elastic bands)
      • Friction( heat generated)
    • A scalar quantity has magnitude size only
      • A vector quantity has magnitude and direction
        • A vector quantity can be represented by an arrow, the length of the arrow represents the magnitude and the direction of the arrow shows its direction
        • when we add vector quantities together we must consider the direction as well as the size
          • The sum of two Vectors is known as the resultant
    • Distance
      • Distance is a measure of how the object has moved but doesn't indicate the direction it has moved in and is therefore a scalar quantity
    • Scalars
      • Mass
      • Volume
      • Speed
      • Distance
    • vectors
      • Force
      • Acceleration
      • Velocity
      • Weight
      • displacement
    • Acceleration
      • Change in speed(m/s) / time taken(s)
    • SUVAT Equations
      • S-displacement
      • U-initial velocity
      • V-final velocity
      • A-acceleration
      • T-time


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