Forces 2

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  • Forces 2
    • 1) Why is the resultant force zero on a steadily moving car? What are the forces on a car called? What is the acceleration equation?
      • F=ma, when a vehicle is traveling at a steady speed, force =0 because the engine thrust force is equal to the air resistance force.
      • a=v-u/t
    • 2) How do you interpret a speed/time graph for   thinking, braking and stopping distance?
      • Thinking time is the horizontal part where the gradient=0, and thinking distance is the area underneath.
      • Breaking time is the part of the line with the negative gradient, and breaking distance is the area underneath.
      • Stopping distance is the area under the line of the whole graph.
    • 3a) Name 3 factors that affect the braking distance:
      • Road condition, weather (e.g rain), condition of breaks.
    • 3b) Name 3 factors that affect thinking distance:
      • Use of drugs or alcohol, tiredness, distractions in the car, (e.g phones, children)
    • 3c) What are the two factors that affect stopping distance the most?
      • The speed of a vehicle when the brakes are applied, and the condition of the vehicle.
    • 4) Why do the brakes of a car heat up when applied?
      • Because the kinetic energy of the car is transferred to heat energy when the brakes are applied, because of the friction between the brakes and the tyres.


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