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  • Forces
    • forces are measured in newtons(N)
    • Resultant Forces
      • Resultant forces is the overall force on a point or object
      • Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
        • Same size forces = balanced forces = object DOESN'T change
        • NOT same size forces = unbalanced forces = objects WILL change
        • Balanced forces has a resultant force of ZERO (total forces)
        • Unbalanced forces DOESN'T have a resultant force of zero
      • Forces only CHANGE what something is already doing
    • Weight & Mass
      • Weight
        • measured in Newtons
        • changes when gravity changes
        • The force that gravity exerts on an object
        • can be measured with a calibrated spring balance or newtonmeter
      • Mass
        • The amount of "matter" in an object
        • The mass never changes
        • Measured in kilograms (KG)
    • Distance, Displacement, Speed and Velocity
      • Speed
        • Speed is a measure of how fast you are going
        • speed is a scalar
        • Distance travelled (m) = speed (m/s) x time(s)
        • Speed = distance/time
        • Speed is measured in m/s
      • Velocity
        • Velocity is a vector
        • Velocity is the speed something is travelling in a certain direction
        • Velocity = Distance/Time
      • Distance
        • Distance is just how far an object has moved
        • distance is a scalar
      • Displacement
        • displacement is a vector
        • displacement measures the distance and direction in a straight line from an object's starting point to its finishing point
    • Acceleration
      • Acceleration of an object is the change in its velocity per second
      • Acceleration (m/s*2) = change in velocity/time taken
      • to find the change in velocity you need to do Final velocity - Initial velocity/time taken
      • Deceleration is a negative acceleration (when something slows down)
      • Acceleration is a vector quantity because velocity is a vector
    • Newton's Second Laws
      • Force = Mass x Acceleration
      • Greater force = Greater Acceleration (Proportional relationship)
      • Greater mass = Less Acceleration (Inversely proportional relationship)


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