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  • forces
    • a force is a push or pull motion on any object
      • they are all either non contact or contact
      • when 2 objects interact there is always a force produced on both objects
    • non-contact
      • these are forces in which the objects do not need to be touching for forces to act
      • e.g: magnetic forces, gravity,
    • scalar quantities
      • e.g.: distance, time, mass, temperature, speed
      • can have magnitude or size but do not have any direction
    • vector quantities
      • e.g.: force, velocity, acceleration, displacement, momentum
      • most physical quantities are vector
      • vectors are shown in free body diagrams with the length of the arrows representing the size of the quantities
        • free body diagrams
          • if all in the free body diagrams are equal in length the object is either moving at a constant speed or is not moving
          • the upwards facing arrow represents upthrust ; the south facing arrow represents weight ; the east facing arrow represents drag ; the west facing arrow represents thrust
      • vector quantites are forces which can have magnitude or size and always have direction
    • contact forces
      • forces where the 2 objects need to be touching for the force to act
      • e.g.: friction, air resistance, tension


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