physics paper 2 , p5 forces 1

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  • forces
    • scalar and vector
      • scalar - magnitude and no direction
        • time, mass, temperature and speed
      • vector - both magnitude and direction
        • forces, displacement,velocity,acceleration and momentum
    • gravity
      • the force responsible for the formation of galaxies
      • weight is the force acting on an object
    • calculating weight
      • weight = mass x gravitational field strength
    • wok done
      • when work done against frictional forces there is a temperature increase of the object
        • work done = force x distance
    • springs
      • springs can either be used in tension or compression
        • compression - ball point, bed mattresses', suspensions, switches
        • tension - trampolines, garage doors, newtonmeter
      • springs have a store of elastic potential energy
      • force = spring constant x extension
    • contact / non contact forces
      • air resistance, friction, tension normal force


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