Forces 1

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  • Forces 1
    • 1) Recall the law that applies when two objects push or pull on each other, and apply it to a car tyre.
      • When two objects push/pull on each other, they exert and equal or opposite force called action and reaction.
      • The unit of force is Newtons (N)
      • The tyre exerts a downward force on the road, and the road exerts and equal and opposate upward force on the tyre.
        • To accelerate the tyre puts a backward force on the road and the road a forwards reaction on the tyre.
    • 2) What is a resultant force? What is RIP? What does the term, Balanced forces mean?
      • The resultant force is the total of the overall force on an object.
      • RIP=Right Is Positive.
      • When forces are balanced an object is stationary or steadily moving, and the resultant force is zero.
    • 3) Describe the forces on a stationary, accelerating, decelerating and steadily moving car:
      • Stationary: Forces are balanced, so resultant force is zero.
      • Acceleration: If the resultant force is more than zero (positive) then the object will accelerate.
      • Deceleration: When the resultant force is less than zero (negative)
      • Steadily moving: When the resultant force is zero, the forces are balanced.
    • 4) Describe the relationship between acceleration, mass, and resultant force.
      • F=ma, Force(N)=Mass(kg)*Acceleration(m/s^2)
      • If you increase the mass, the acceleration must decrease to give the same resultant force.
      • If you increase the acceleration, you must decrease the mass to give the same resultant force.
      • If you increase the resultant force on a constant mass, the acceleration must increase.
      • Resultant force is directly preportional to the mass and acceleration.
    • 5) What is the full equation for F=ma?
      • Force(N)=Mass(kg)*Acceleration(m/s^2)


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