For Heidi With Blue Hair- Fleur Adcock

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  • For Heidi With Blue Hair - Fleur Adcock
    • Background
      • Written around the period of 1880's
    • Background the poem
      • The poem is about a girl who dyes her hair blue, the school complains, girl has her father's support who argue's with school policy. The next day her friend dyes her hair as well to show solidarity.
      • The poem ends with the girl, the friend and the dad having victory over the school, understanding Heidi's bid for freedom of expression is perhaps the death of her mother.
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    • Why Blue Hair ?
      • The colour blue is a colour which is seen as the colour of water. This may symbolise the tears Heidi cried when the death of her mother occured.
      • In the first stanza the blue was described as 'ultramarine', which is a very vivid shade of blue this may have been done because Heidi wanted the rebellious attention from the school.
      • The colour blue may have been her mother's favourite colour, the colour change may have been done in respect of her.
    • Voice and tone
      • The narrator for the story never reveals whether it is male or female or Heidi her self
      • Fleur Adcock gives Heidi and her father a voice but demies this to the headmistress and the teachers who 'twittered'
    • Language
      • Not much figurative language. As you would usually find in poetry near to the time period of 1880's.
      • The poem has been written as if it were a conversation between the narrator and the reader. It has not been written as the narrator guide's us through the life of Heidi - usually seen in poetry.
        • This may reflect the ordinary at the heart of Heidi's character. This maked stanza five stand out, 'shimmered' used as a metaphorical verb in relation to mother's death.


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