footwear impressions 2

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  • Footwear Impressions - Recovery Methods
    • photography
      • should be done before any technique which is used
        • with scales
      • black and white can result in better contrast
      • use a tripod
      • use oblique lightin on 3D marks to emphasise detail and depth
    • 2D impressions
      • dry marks
        • powder using appropriate colour to add contrast to the mark
          • aluminium powder gives usually gives best result as it gives good contrast
      • dusty marks
        • use ESLA - electrostatic lifting apparatus
          • photograph first and recovered mark
          • consider powder to enhance mark
    • marks in blood
      • amido black
        • also used for fingerprints
        • luminol
          • carcogenic
      • fushin acid
        • amido black
          • also used for fingerprints
          • luminol
            • carcogenic
      • photograph first
      • apply one of the enhancement methods
        • fushin acid
      • enhancements
        • considerations must be given to health and safety
        • always consider other evidence types i.e. DNA
      • 3D impressions
        • impressions in soil, mud, putty, sand etc
          • photograph first
          • create a cast of the impression with one of two materials
            • dental stone
            • crown stone - which is what dentists used
            • once created, clean the cast with running water and bicarbonate.
              • never rub or scrub the cast as could loose detail


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