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  • Foodtech
    • Heat Transfer
      • Conduction
        • heat is conducted from molecule to molecule
          • solid or liquids
      • Convection
        • heat travels round liquids and air
          • by the process of convection currents
      • Radiation
        • heat travels from on place to another by rays
          • cooked by radiant heat
    • Washing Up
      • 1. scrap away any food scraps
        • let saucepans soak in soapy water
      • 2. sort washing-up in groups
      • 3. fill sink with hot soapy water
      • 4. wash the cleanest first then the dirtier ones
        • stack on draining board upside down
      • 5.most hygienic way to fry is by leaving it to dry
        • put things away
      • 6. empty out dirty wate
        • wipe down sink and draining board
      • 7. wash tea-towel and dishcloth
        • leave to dry
    • Safety and hygiene
      • burns
        • keep oven gloves, tea-towel and curtains away from flames
      • scalds
        • keep saucepans handles and electrical kettles out of reach of children
      • Cuis
        • don't leave sharp knives lying around
      • Fallls
        • mop up any puddles of fat or water straight away
          • move any trip hazards our of working area
      • Poisoning
        • store medicine and cleaning materials out of reach of children
          • never put household chemicals in lemonade bottles
      • Electrocution
        • never touch switches with wet hands
          • keep plugs and flexes in good condition
    • Nutrition
      • for energy and warmth
        • carbohydrates
        • fats
        • proteins
      • for growth and repair
        • proeins
        • vitamins and minerals
      • for protection
        • vitamin and minerals


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