Prevention of Food Spoilage

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  • Prevention of Food Spoilage
    • Pickiling
      • vinegar has a low pH
      • this inhibits the growth of microorganisms
      • the low pH reduces there enzyme activity, as the enzymes become denatured. vinegar is used to pickle food like onions
    • Freezing
      • slows the growth of microorganisms
      • this keeps food below -18 degrees, this slows down the reaction taking place in microorganisms and freezes the water in the food so microorganisms cant use it.
      • freezing can preserve food for months
      • metabolic reactions take place more slowly at lower temperatures
    • Heat Treatment
      • involves heating food to a high temperature
      • this kills any microorganisms present
      • Pasteurisation is one form of heat treatment - involving raing liquids such as milk to high temperatures
    • Irradiation
      • involves exposing foods to radiation
      • this treatment kills any microorganisms present and can extend shelf life considerably
        • irradiation destroys or damages the microorganisms DNA
          • involves exposing foods to radiation
      • this includes foods such as Fruit and Prawns
    • Adding Sugar
      • a high sugar content in jams give them long shelf lives
      • adding sugar inhibits the growth of microorganisms by interfering with their ability to absorb water
  • Food spoilage can be caused by the growth of unwanted microorgainisms


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