Food Insecurity Causes according to Maplecroft's Food Security Risk index

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  • Food security causes, according to the Maplecroft's  Food Security Risk Index
    • Drought
      • Worst in 50 years in the USA which increased prices
      • In Bangladesh, Mexico and Egypt, Drought caused low yields and drove up prices
    • Locust infestations
    • War
      • Somalia, DR Congo and the Sahel have suffered from reduced agricultural output and investment
    • Changing Climate Patterns
      • Occuring in  the Sahel, where monsoonal rain is less predictable, and farmers do not know wither they will have food to sell or for their families
    • Political Instability
      • The Arab Spring has suffered from large scale protests and riots against the government have led to increased conflict and has disrupted farming e.g. in Tunisia
      • Egypt spread out in North Africa


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