Food Production

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  • Food Production
    • Efficiency of food production can be improved by
      • Restricting energy loss from food animals
        • By limiting movement
        • By controlling surrounding temperature
        • Sometimes antibiotics are given, to ensure that no energy is wasted on battling disease
    • At each stage in a food chain:
      • Less material and less energy are contained in biomass of organisms
        • This means that the efficiency of food production can be improved
          • By reducing the number of stages in a food chain
    • FISH STOCKS in oceans are declining
      • It's important to maintain them at a level where breeding continues
        • Or certain species may disappear altogether in some areas
          • NET SIZE and FISHING QUOTAS play an important role in conserving fish stocks
            • This is an example of sustainable food production
    • Fungus "FUSARIUM" is useful for producing MYCOPROTEIN
      • Which is a protein-rich food suitable for vegetarians
      • The fungus is grown on GLUCOSE SYRUP
        • In AEROBIC conditions
          • And the biomass is harvested and purified


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