Food Poisoning - High Risk Foods

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  • Food Poisoning - High Risk Foods
    • Foods that are more likely to give you food poisoning
    • Bacteria grows quickly because they are moist and high in protein
    • High Risk Foods
      • Meat, Fish and Poultry
      • Dairy products and eggs
      • Gravies, stocks and sauces
      • Shellfish and other seafood
      • Cooked rice
    • High risk foods have a short shelf life
      • If they are kept for too long bacteria will multiply to unsafe levels
    • High risk foods should be stored in fridges
    • Low risk foods are low in protein and are unlikely to give you food poisoning
      • Dry Foods
        • Cereals
        • Crackers
        • Bread
      • Foods high in fat or sugar
        • Chocolate
        • Jam
      • Acidic foods
        • Fruit
        • Pickles


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