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  • Food and Nutrition
    • The Eat Well Plate
      • Bread, Rice, Potato, Pasta
        • Importance in health - 1)Their filling 2)Fibre content 3) The engery they give you is slow releasing
      • Fruit and Vegetables
        • Importance in health-                         1) Contains Fibre, a range of vitamins and anti-oxidants  2) Low in fat
      • Meat, Fish, Eggs and Beans
        • Importance in health-           1) Contains protein which helps growth and repair        2)Contains iron
      • Milk and dairy products
        • Importance on Health -  1) conatins calicum in which gives and maintains strong bones and teeth20 Contains vitamins A and D
      • Fats and sugars
        • Importance in health 1)Important for growth of the tissue
    • Fats and Sugars
      • Health isssues 1) obesity       2)Tooth Decay  3) Diabetes       4)High cholesterol
      • Where fats are from-              1) seeds         2)Oil                  3) Nuts               4)Fruit
      • What Vitamins they contain A D E K
      • Saturated fats 1) Usually soild at room temperature 2) All carbon atoms are taken (saturated) with hydrogen atoms 3) usually found in animal foods 4)Linked to cholesterol
      • Unsaturated Fats 1) oils soft margine 2)some carbon atoms are joined to other carbon atoms by double bond may be poly or mono unstaurated
      • Lipase breaks down fats into fatty acids and glycerol this takes place in the stomach , small intestine and pancreas.  Bile also emulsifiers the fat into small droplets      In which helps digest the fat.


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