Food security threats

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  • Food Security Threats
    • Natural threats - floods, frost, hailstorms and drought.
    • Diseases - in plants or animals or a rapid increase in insects (e.g. locusts)
    • People's activities - overfishing or overgrazing
    • Overpopulation - increasing the need for food and land to produce food
    • Poverty - people cannot afford to buy food or a variety of foods.
    • Climate change - which can affect where, what and the quantity of crops and livestock that can be farmed.
      • Sea temperatures can determine the survival of the world's remaining fish stocks.
    • Crop/Staple food for a region
      • The food security of the region.
      • The prices of food in the region
      • Jobs and income related to the production and sale of food products therefore lowering people's income and perhaps affecting their ability to buy healthy food.


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