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  • Food prep skills
    • Knife skills
      • Boning knife- meat joints and poultry
      • Pairing knife- fruit and veg
      • Carving knife- caring cooke ham
      • Cooks knife- dicing, choppng
      • Bread knife- slicing loaves ad bread products
    • Fish
      • Prep- Blue chopping board, Use a filleting kife, check for freshness
      • Preservation- canning, freezing smoking, salting.
      • To cook- coagulate tissue at 75c, grilled baked or fried, steaming and poaching.
      • Nutrients: Protein, iro, zinc, vitamin A and D,Omega 3
    • Meat
      • nutrients- protein, fat, minerals, vitamin b6 and b12, cholesterol.
      • marination- tenderness, flavour.              Malliard reaction- browning of meat due to sugars an proteins.
      • Boning a chicken- red board, break legs, separate drumstick and thigh, remove wings, remove breasts from carcass
      • Storing meat- bottom of fridge, chilled meat (0-5 degrees), frozen meat (-18- -22 degrees)
    • Dough
      • Ingredients- strong flour (high gluten content), yeast (raising agent),warm liquid (yeast`s food), fat (extends shelf life and adds colour and flavour)
      • Enriched dough :additional sugar, butter and sometimes egg.
      • pastries: shortcrust, choux, flaky, suet, hot-water crust, filo, puff


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