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  • Food Contamination
    • Someone who is ill or who has dirty hands touching the food.
    • Not sufficiently reheating previously cooked food.
    • Not cooking food thoroughly. Food must be 72 degrees for 2 mins after cooking.
      • To test for this use a temperature probe.
    • Not correctly storing foods that need to be chilled at below 5 degrees - slowing down bacteria.
    • Leaving cooked food for too long at warm temperatures - Binary Fission
    • The spread of bacteria between contaminated foods (cross - contamination)
    • Eating food that has passed it 'use' by date.
      • If a food has passed its use by date it is no longer safe to eat
        • High risk foods : foods that are risk of causing food poisining
          • Meats
          • Poultry
          • Raw Eggs
          • Raw Shellfish
          • Milk ( when heated or cooled )
          • Ready to eat foods
            • E.g. sliced meats, soft cheese, pre - packed sandwiches etc.


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