Love and Relationship Poems - Follower

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  • Follower
    • Nautical Imagery
      • The narrator uses language of sea and sailing showing his father's skill, strength and the admiration the boy has for him
      • 'like a full sail strung'
        • He describes the father as the sails, the captain and the ship itself.
        • similie
          • Shows the father harnessing the power of the wind
    • Reflective language
      • The narrator sees himself as a nuisance and perhaps a failure but he understands that the father he admired now relies on him
        • 'role reversal'
      • 'All I ever did was'
        • Sees himself as a failure
      • 'Broad sahdow'
        • The boy was always living in his dad's shadow
        • Use of 'broad' shows his fathers strength
      • 'Behind me and will not go away'
        • Shows the close relationship and strong bond as even as they grew older they are together
        • Frustration?
    • Compare with:
      • Climbing my grandfather
      • Before you were mine
    • Family relationships
    • Structure
      • 6 stanzas, 4 lines long
        • 1st three: about the father
        • Last stanza is role reversal
        • Next two focus on the boy struggling to be like his father
    • Form
      • ABAB rhyme scheme apart from 'plough' and 'furrow'
        • Half rhyme reflects that the son hasn't become like his father
    • Other
      • There is a ceasura '...always. But today...'
        • Changes the time from past to present
        • This is where the role reversal takes place
      • Enjambment in the last stanza shows the father is trying to keep up
      • 'It is my father'
        • The father has become the follower.
          • The title refers to both the father and son


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