Fold Mountains - The Alps

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  • Fold Mountains - The Alps
    • Tourism
      • Summer Tourism
        • Visitors come from all over europe
        • Activities like walking and sailing etc
      • Good communication routes (road, train, airports)
      • attracted by climate
      • Winter Tourism
        • Sking, snowboarding etc
        • winter resorts
        • good snowfall
    • Farming
      • main primary activity
      • restricited because height and steepness
      • the valley floor -flatter, moer fertile, sheltered, accessable communications
      • takes place on south facing slopes - dryer, warmer
      • dairy farming
        • method called transhumance
      • sheep farming
      • summer-animal graze in mountains
      • winter-animals kept in barn and fed
      • cereal is grown in summer and eat in winter
    • Forestry
      • Coniferous trees in alps
        • planted as crop
      • trees cover north-facing sllopes
      • logging countries cut down trees
      • downwards sloping branches let snpw pass
      • people live in foresrty area
        • rely on trees for timber and fuel
      • timber manufacturing
    • Hydro-electric power (HEP)
      • the production of power through the use of the gravitational force of flowing or falling water
      • steep slopes fast flowing water-more power
      • narrow river create valley
      • lakes that store water
      • makes power for local towns
    • Formations
      • two continental plates moving together
      • collision plate boundary
      • compression of sediments are folded into mountains


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