Fold Mountains- The Alps

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  • Fold Mountains- The Alps
    • Forestry
      • Coniferous trees- Main species
      • Cone Shaped Strong in Wind
      • Sloping branches allow snow to fall off
      • People need timber for fuel and construction
      • Many slopes face North
    • Farming
      • Main primary activity
      • Restricted on mountains because of steepness
      • Valley floor ideal location
        • Flatter Land
        • Soil more fertile and deep.
        • Shelter from wind
        • Better access and comm's
      • Most farming on south facing slopes
      • Main farming is dairy&sheep
      • In summer animals graze on high land
      • In winter animals return to barn
    • Tourism
      • Good communication
        • Linked to major road rail routes
        • Linked to major airports
      • Climate
        • Long, hot, warm and dry summers.
        • Cold ans snowy winters
      • Lakeside resorts
      • Activities
        • Walking, Mountain biking, sailing
    • HEP
      • Hydro electric powr
      • Steep Slopes
      • High Precipitation
      • Narrow valleys easy to dam
      • Many glacial lakes to store water
      • Guaranteed Electricity
      • No air pollution
      • Renewable energy zource
      • People may have to relocate


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