Fold Mountains

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  • Fold Mountains- The Alps
    • H.E.P
      • Fast flowing rivers that are ideal for H.E.P, such as The River Po.
      • Narrow valleys, easy to dam.
      • Steep slopes
    • Tourism
      • Summer
        • Sports e.g Rock climbing
      • Winter
        • Winter Sports e.g: Skiing
    • Farming
      • Valley floor ideal
      • Shelter from wind- highest peak 4,810 M
      • Soil Fertile
      • South-facing slopes- warmer and drier
      • Hay and Cereal grown on the valley floor during the summer months
    • Forestry
      • Shape stabalizes tree in windy conditions
      • Locals rely on the trees
      • Timber for Fuel and Construction
      • coniferous trees
      • Deliberately planted as crops.


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