Florey and Chain

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  • Florey and Chain
    • Scientists
    • Came across Fleming's research papers and thought if his findings were right then the discovery could save a lot of lives
    • Developed a system of growing penicillin
    • Tested penicillin's effectiveness on mice.
    • After testing on mice, they were convinced that the drug would cure many people who could die
    • Unable to expand on the development of the drug = mass production not financially capable
    • Penicillin became widely available following the U.S.A's intro into WW2 during 1941
    • Once involved in war, became easily persuaded to develop and produce the drug for benefit of Allied Servicemen
    • Experimentation and development of research previously made by Fleming produced astounding results
    • Discovered a drug that combated spread of infection, allowed sick and wounded men a chance of recovering
    • Gave the medical profession a drug that kept inside the body clean
    • Received Nobel Prize for development of penicillin drug in 1945


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