Florence Nightingale

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  • Florence Nightingale
    • The "Lady with the Lamp" changed nursing.
    • She brought a new sense of discipline and professionalism to a job that had a very bad reputation.
    • Nightingale trained as a nurse in 1849, despite the opposition of her family.
    • Horrific stories were sent back via telegraphic communications about the hospital that the British wounded were being treated at.
    • The secretary of War, Sidney Herbert requested that Nightingale go over to the Barrack Hospital and sort out the nursing care.
    • Florence went with her 38 handpicked nurses.
    • The death rate before she went was 42%
    • Two years later Nightingale had worked her magic and it stood at just 2%.
    • This was partly due to the hygiene on the ward that Nightingale had changed.
    • The new found fame that Nightingale had, was used to change the face of nursing forever.
    • She wrote a book called "Notes on Nursing".
    • The Nightingale School of Nursing was set up to train nurses in discipline and attention to detail.
    • In 1919, The Registration of Nurses Act made it compulsory for the training of nurses to take place. In 1960, men started to be allowed to train as nurses.


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