flood management strategies

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  • flood management strategies
    • Hard engineering - attempts to control floods
      • Dams
        • dams are large concrete barriers built across a river - the water behind the dam is tried is a reservoir. the water is gradually released downstream.
        • very effective, lasts a long time
        • expensive, lots of work
      • Levees
        • artificially raised banks, increasing channel capacity to reduce flood risk.
        • works well, creates a public path
        • expensive, looks bad
      • Straightening meanders
        • involves cutting through a meaner creating a straighter channels to speed up flow of water
        • works well, lasts a long time
        • expensive, looks bad
    • Soft engineering - tend to reduce floods
      • flood plain zoning
        • this is where land is used in a way that minimises the impact of flooding depending on how at risk an area is. Low costs areas land-uses such as playing fields are closer to rivers whereas higher costs factors and houses are built further away
        • doesn't control floods, not everyone sticks to it
      • flood waring system
        • in the UK if you live in a flood risk zone you details are kept on a database. in an event of a flood the council will send a text message to warn you and how to prepare for the flood
        • doesn't control floods.
      • washlands
        • looks natural, doesn't cost anything
        • destroys land, doesn't last.


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