Flexible workforce

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  • Flexible workforce
    • Designed to help employees balance work and home life
    • Methods
      • Flexitime
      • Part time working
        • Most popular
      • Term time working
      • Career breaks
      • Job sharing
      • Mobile working
      • Shift swapping
      • Annual hours contracts
      • Working from home
    • Advantages
      • Allows a business to expand and contract quickly in response to demand
      • Wasteful to employ permanent worker to do a few specialist jobs
      • Temp staff cheaper to employ
        • Don't need to offer benefits or holidays
      • Employers not responsible for training temp workers
      • Employing workers who job share may allow business to operate more efficiently
        • 1 works through day, 1 works evening, meaning they can respond to clients over a longer period.
    • Disadvantages
      • Temp workers have less loyalty to the business
      • Outsourced work can be of poorer quality
        • Damages their reputation with customers
      • Lack of team morale if peripheral staff are constantly changing


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