Flexible Employment Contracts

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  • Flexible Employment Contracts
    • Allow businesses to be more flexible themselves
      • Means business is more effective at managing change
      • If business has lots of employees on zero-hour contracts it can cope with increases / decreases in demand
    • Flexible workforce can be achieved through employing a mixture of core & peripheral workers
      • Core workers provide a stable environment for change to take place
      • Peripheral workers help with any additional work during change
    • Flexible business able to outsource some work to manage change
      • If a business is updating machinery in its manufacturing department, might outsource some manufacturing while staff are trained
    • Can make it easier for businesses to hold onto valuable employees & open up more job opportunities for skilled applicants
      • Businesses then have a wider range of skilled employees for implementing change
      • Might not even need to retrain people
    • Do have downsides: ????
      • Allowing people to work flexi-time could result in poor communication and teamwork between staff working at different times
      • Could make it a lot more difficult to manage change effectively and businesses might need to put a strategy in place to deal with it


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