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  • Flag
    • Countries and Pride
      • Pride Causes Conflict
      • The flag is a symbol of patriotism
        • Highlights the power of the Symbol
        • The flag can inspire Loyalty and great bravery
    • First Stanza
      • "brings a nation to its knees."
        • The flag has great power that causes surrender
        • End stopping
          • Enjambment reflects movement of flags
          • adds finality to flags power
      • "what is that fluttering in the breeze"
        • a childs voice asking a question
        • "fluttering"- onomatopoeia that suggests gentle/peaceful
    • Structure of questions and answers
      • Rhetorical question adds to mystery
      • Syllabols 8,6,8
        • Rigid structure
    • Second Stanza
      • "its just a piece of cloth"
        • Repetition to emphasise how flag is nothing and still it has power over people
      • "guts of men grow bold"
        • alliteration, Imagery- Terror
        • Agard criticizes that people ignore a sense of right and wrong for patriotism
    • Third Stanza
      • "dares the coward"
        • Challenges the soldiers to give up the fight.
        • Personifies the Flag
        • "coward" shows that those who do not fight are weak"
    • Fourth Stanza
      • "blood you Bleed"
        • Cynical tone
        • direct address
        • More chilling as imagine own mortality
        • Plosive alliteration
          • Abrupt Sound
    • Last Stanza
      • "How can I possess such a Cloth
        • The first speaker still views the flag as something to be in awe of
      • "Then blind your conscience to the end"
        • Says that people are blinded by patriotism and propaganda
        • Ultimatly led to death


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