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  • Five Kingdoms of Life
    • Sub-divided into:
      • Species
        • Groups of organisms that have many features in common
      • Genus
        • Contains several species with similar characteristics
      • Family
        • Comprising of several genera
      • Order
        • Comprising of several families
      • Class
        • Comprising of several orders
      • Phylum
        • Comprising of several classes
    • Animalia
      • Animals are multicellular, do not have cell walls, do not have chlorophyll, feed heterotrophically (heterotrophs can't make their own food)
    • Plantae
      • Are multicellular, have cell walls, have chlorophyll, feed autotroprically (autotrophs can make their own food)
    • Fungi
      • Multicellular, have cell walls, do not have chlorophyll, feed saprophytically (saprophytes feed off dead organisms and decaying material)
    • Protoctista
      • Unicellular (single celled), have a nucleus, protoctista include algae
    • Prokaryotes
      • Unicellular (single celled), have no nucleus e.g. bacteria


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