Air Masses UK

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  • Five Air Masses Affect UK
    • Air masses are large volumes of air with a similar temp.and water vapour content
    • they cover large areas and can travel long distances
      • classified by region they form over
        • Arctic/Polar= form at high latitudes= cool
        • Tropical= form at low latitudes=warm
        • Maritime= form over oceans= high water vapour content
        • Continental= form over land= lower water vapour content
    • Arctic Maritime
      • form over Arctic ocean
      • bring very cold, wet air which causes cold weather & rain
    • Polar Continental
      • form over Siberia
      • bring cold, dry air which causes very cold dry weather
        • can bring snow if picks up moisture over North Sea
    • Tropical Continental
      • form over Africa
      • bring warm dry air, causes hot dry weather
    • Tropical Maritime
      • form over Atlantic Ocean
      • bring warm, wet air causes warm weather and rain
    • Polar Maritime
      • from over North Atlantic Ocean
      • bring cold,wet air which causes cold weather and rain


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