Fitness components

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  • Fitness components
    • Cardiovascular exercise
      • Definition- Transporting blood around the body during exercise
      • Example- Long distance running
      • Test- Multistage fitness test
    • Flexibility
      • Definition- the range our joints can move
      • Example- gymnastics floor works
      • Test- Sit and reach
    • Power
      • Definition- use a combination of speed and movement to make something move
      • Athletics shot put
      • Standing broad jump
    • Speed
      • Move faster to cover distance in a shorter period of time
      • Athletics 100m sprint
      • Test- 30m sprint
    • Reaction time
      • How fast your response to a stimulus is
      • Athletics sprint start
      • Ruler Drop Test
    • Timing
      • Judge the time taken to get to the place needed to perform the appropriate action
      • Tennis getting into position
      • 12min cooper run
    • Balance
      • Keeping stable with an constant centre of gravity
      • Gymnastics balance beam
    • Agility
      • Changing movement with control
      • Netball escape defender
      • Illinois agility test
    • Muscular endurance
      • Cycling- long distance
      • abdominal curl test
      • The ability of a muscle to work continuously without tiring
    • Strengh
      • Using muscles to produce force
      • Dynamic, explosive and static
    • Coordination
      • Using more than one body part at a time accurately
      • Swimming Front stroke
      • Alternative hand throw


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