fitness and health

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  • fitness and health
    • blood pressure
      • measured in millimetres of mercury. written as mmHg
      • systolic pressure- maximum pressure the heart produces
        • diastolic pressure- blood pressure between heart beats
      • high blood pressure causes:
        • blood vessels to burst
        • damage to the brain(stroke)
        • damage to the kidneys
      • low blood pressure causes:
        • dizziness
        • fainting
        • poor circulation to areas such as fingers and toes
    • fitness is the ability to do physical activity.
      • fitness can be measured by cardiovascular efficiency
    • health is being free from diseases such as those caused by bacteria and viruses.
    • smoking
      • carbon monoxide causes blood to carry less oxygen
        • heart rate increasesso that the tissues recieve enough oxygen
      • nicotine directly increases heart rate
    • diet and heart disease
      • heart disease is causes by a restricted blood flow to the heart muscle
      • the risk of getting heart disease is increased by:
        • a high level of saturated fat in the diet
          • leads to a build up of cholestrol (a plaque) in arteries
        • high levels of salt
          • fcan increase blood pressure
      • it is the blood vessel into the heart muscle that is blocked


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