Fission and Fusion-P4

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  • Fission and Fusion
    • How electricity is made
      • Coal is burnt to release heat
    • Fission- Uranium atom hit by slow moving neutron
      • Uranium nucleus deformed by addition of neutron
        • Unstable nucleus splits
          • Daughter nuclei form-heat and gamma radiation are released
            • Chain reaction
            • Three fast moving neutrons
      • Occurs in extreme temperatures
      • Fission reactor control- boron rods absorb neutrons, control reaction rate
    • Fusion
      • Extreme temperatures
      • 1H+2H->3He
        • Energy/mass conversion in the nucleus
    • Tokomak-plasma required at 15,000,000 Degrees C but 2,000,000 Degrees C on Earth
      • Pressure is needed


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