Fission and Fusion

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  • Fission and Fusion
    • Fission
      • The process includes using a neutron and a heavy unstable nucleus
      • This reaction carries on in a chain reaction
        • This means once the first reaction starts more are triggered.
      • A large amount of energy is produced through this reaction
      • In this process a free neutron will be absorbed by an unstable nucleus causing it to split and release 3 more neutron.
    • Fusion
      • Fusion will release more energy than Fission
      • Light and heat from the sun and stars acts as a natural form of nuclear fusion
        • In stars hydrogen nuclei join together to form helium nuclei.
      • Large amounts of energy and needed for this reaction to take place
      • Fusion is a combination of lighter nuclei to form a heavier more stable nuclei and a large amount of energy
        • The joining of two nuclei together is called fusion and releases a lot of energy. Therefore a bigger nucleus is formed


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