Unit 4: Aquaculture - Fishing Techniques

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  • Fishing Techniques
    • Pelagic Fishing - middle or surface depths e.g. herring, tuna
      • Purse Seine Net
        • Shoal of fish surrounded by net with bottom weights
        • Net drawn tight to prevent escaping
        • Smaller nets used to bring fish on board
        • Juvenile catch
        • Ghost catch
      • Drift Net
        • Net many kilometers long with floats on the top
        • By-catch - whales turtles
        • Juvinelle catch
        • Ghost catch
      • Mid-Water Pair Trawl
        • Large open net dragged through water by two trawler boats
        • By-catch - kills porpoises crabs, starfish
        • Juvenile fish
        • Ghost catch
      • Surface Long-Line
        • Lines with lures or baited hooks on
        • Floats have flags on them
        • By-catch - albatrosses
        • Energy inefficient
        • Ghost catch
    • Demersal Fishing - seabed e.g. cod, plaice
      • Bottom Trawl
        • Weights hold bottom of net down and disturb fish
        • 'Trawl boards' - act like kites to keep sides of net apart
        • Floats hold top of net up
        • Dissturbance of seabed kills organisms
        • Ghost catch
      • Long-Line
        • Line on sea floor with bait captures fish
        • By-catch e.g. sharks, turtles
        • Ghost catch
    • Crab/Lobster Pots
      • Float and marker attached to string of lobster pots on seabed by rope
      • Funnel entrance - lobsters can find way in but not out
      • Dead fish bait in pot to lure in lobster


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