Fishing in SW India

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  • Fishing in SW India
    • Location: Kerala and Tamil Nadu
      • Southern states of India
      • Densely pop. with 135 ppl/km3
      • Very poor
    • Pop. depend on fishing
      • 70% pop in fishing
      • 21% fish related jobs
    • Need for the project
      • Wide spread deforestation
        • Lack of suitable trees to make traditional rafts
      • catch has decreased between mid 1970s- 1980s
        • Due to trawlers fishing for prawns
    • Requirements of project
      • The aim was to increase boats and decrease trawlers
      • Worked with European agencies to use technology to suit fisher men
      • Unsinkable
      • Carry engines to travel further and avoid trawler paths
      • light
      • easy to launch
      • long lasting 7-10 years
      • Comfortable
    • Solution: technology
      • New design
        • which also included parts of the traditional ships
      • Preserved unquieness
      • Use skills of the locals
      • Marine plywood and fibreglass
        • therefore trees protected
      • Design apartable
    • Benefits
      • over 5000 new jobs in building the boats
      • no longer the poorest in India
      • Literacy and numeracy skills improved
      • gurantee income
      • fishing community which faced economic collapse can continue to fish
      • 2000-2500 new boats
    • Drawbacks
      • still reliant on primary industry
      • too many boats from one site conflict between trawlers
      • over fishing


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