Fisher et. al.

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  • Fisher et al.
    • Aim: To test the cognitive interview in the field
    • Methodology
      • Field experiment with actual interviews of real witnesses by serving police detectives
    • Sample
      • 16 detectives from the robbery division of Dade County, Florida
      • All were experienced, with a minimum of 5 years in the division
    • Procedure
      • They were asked to record a selection of their next interviews using standard techniques
      • This took 4 months and 88 interviews were recorded, mostly relating to bag snatching or robbery
      • The detectives were then divided into two groups, and one was trained with CI techniques
      • Training was over four 60-minute sessions, seven completed the programme
      • Over the next 7 months, more interviews were recorded by the two groups
      • Post-training interviews were analysed by a team at the university of California who were blind
    • Results
      • 24 cases with corroborating evidence, 94% were corroborated
      • No difference between accuracy of standard and CI, approx. 85% statements being correct in both conditions
      • 7 trained elicited 47% more information than before, 63% more than untrained


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