ecosystems key words

breif spiderdiagram includes quite a few key terms

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  • intro lesson
    • key terms
      • biodiversity
        • the measure of a number of species in an ecosystem or habitat.
      • extinction
        • loss of species
      • conservation
        • planned preservation of wildlife/genepool. enhancement of biodiversity
      • habitat
        • the place where an organism lives
      • ecosystem
        • the interactions between all the organisms and their environment in a particular area
      • population
        • organisms of the same species living in the same area at a given time
      • allele
        • a form of gene
      • gene pool
        • all the alleles in a popilation
    • examples of ecosystems
      • coral reefs
        • the great barrier reef
      • tropical rainforest
        • the amazon
    • examples of biodiversity
      • agriculture
      • urban development
      • forestry
      • mining
      • environmental pollution
    • evolution
      • the process by which new species are formed by pre-existing ones over a long period of time
    • niche
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