First 5 Year Plan

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  • First 5 Year Plan
    • WHY?
      • ECONOMIC
        • Bring Russia up to speed with other nations
        • New economic method to take place of Capitalist NEP
        • Plan will help Russia prepare for potential war
        • "Stalin's Russia" : put Stalin firmly in control
        • 1929-Stalin speaks against Lenin's NEP
          • Not linked to Lenin
        • Industialisa-tion --> Socialism -> Communism
        • In 10 years communism will exist
      • SOCIAL
        • Helping all of society, Collectivisati-on for the peasants, 5 yr Plan for the workers
      • Iron,coal,oil production almost doubled
        • Very successful, achieved what Britain and France had done in a hundred years which Stalin did in 5
      • e.g. Oil production rose from 11.7 million tonnes in 1928 to 21.4 million tonnes in 1932
      • 1926-18% of population were workers  1935-50% of population were workers
        • Majority were unskilled peasants...
          • Inefficient
      • As Stalin only focused on Heavy industry and not the demand for consumer goods, a huge black market was created
        • Some people relied on this to survive
      • Gosplan- Economy Planning Committee
        • Had over 1/2 a million bureaucrats enforcing targets in factories
      • Unrealistic and therefore never met
        • Only oil target was met in 1932
    • Mis-allocation of resources led to a surplus and a drop in prices


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