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  • Finishes
    • Wood
      • varnishes: clean the wood - apply a stain then a varnish
      • paint: clean it - sealed with primer - 2 coats - use sandpaper inbetween coats
      • tanalising (against wet rot): impregnate the timber with a solution of copper sulphate and salts in pressure vessels - forces the solution into the timber preventing absorption
    • Plastic
    • Metal
      • painting: surface cleaned - applied primer and undercoat - paint can be brushed, rolled or sprayed
      • electroplating: coast a base metal with another metal
      • enameling: fine glasses are applied to the surface - it's heated - cooled
      • powder coating: positively charged powder through spray gun - negatively charged product - baked in oven - white goods such as washing machines etc
      • plastic coating: heating the metal to 230 - product dipped in fluidised polymer and removed


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