How to say a lot about a little. STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE QUOTATION - ZOOMING IN

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  • "fingers find opening of blouse"
    • It's a stage direction
    • Stella is distressed over Blanche being taken away. Stanley is comforting her
    • It shows that he cares more about sex and physical desires than comforting wife
    • This reminds us of how he exploited Blanche earlier when he ***** her, it shows control over women almost
    • it juxtaposes, his "fingers" are rough because of his work, it contrasts against the delicacy of fabric
      • his fingers automatically "find" the "opening" of her blouse explaining that perhaps he's experienced in this situation. He's violent and domineering
    • his "fingers" links in with aggression when he "tears" and "seizes" the paper lantern. The "blouse" associates with other pieces of fabric mentions earlier in the play
      • Blanche's "fine feathers". Summing up that the garments represent femininity and Stanley's "fingers" reflect the damage to them, and to the women
    • I think it demonstrates the difference between males and females at this time. Stanley was sexually dominant over Blanche and it's shown through a metaphor. She was in a delicate and vulnerable state, (blouses are made out of fabric that is
      • - delicate) and Stanley's fingers "opening" her blouse shows how he forces himself onto her in a delicate situation, he exploits he and takes advantage when he's meant to be caring. The word "find" also symbolises that he automatically  knows what to do
        • he's like a machine, his fingers are drawn to her sexually. Shows a lot about his personality
    • It links to when Stanley rapes Blanche as his domineering self. Exploiting her hysterical state
      • Blanche is wearing her "fine feathers" and pretty dresses when he rapes her, a link between fabric and sexual contact


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