Fine Motor Skills

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  • Fine Motor Skills
    • What are fine Motor Skills
      • Fine Motor skills allow infants and young children to control and coordinate their hands and fingers.
    • Examples of fine Motor skills
      • Manipulative
        • At first, babies use their whole hand to manipulate objects. By 12 months, they are starting to use the small muscles in their fingers.
      • Gripping
        • By one month, babies can grasp an adults finger. By three months, they can grasp a rattle for a short time.
      • Hand-eye Coordination
        • This is when a child is able to use the muscles in their fingers to pick up the construction piece and use their eyes to guide their finger movements.
    • Activities that promote FMS
      • Gripping
        • Playing with a rattle
        • Holding a small toy
        • Feeding self with spoon
      • Manipulative
        • Building with blocks
        • Playing with toy farm animals
        • Playing with musical instruments
      • Hand-eye coordination
        • Playing with jigsaw puzzles
        • Writing
        • Sewing
    • Questions
      • Kia is 4 years old. She is becoming independent and like to dress herself for school. Give TWO examples of the fine motor skills that Kia might use when dressing herself.
        • Kia will use hand-eye coordination when she fastens the buttons on her cardigan
          • Kia will use her hands to grip when she pulls on her boots or does up the fastenings on her shoes.
    • Writing helps to develop hand-eye coordination


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