Economics 13

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  • Financial Markets & Macroeconomics
    • Institutions that are the intermediaries between savers with borrowers
      • Bond Market
        • I.O.Us an example of debt finance
      • Stock Market
        • Ownership of a firm
        • Equity finance is the sale of stock to raise to raise money
    • Financial intermediaries: institutions through which savers can indirectly provide funds to borrowers
      • Banks
      • Investment Funds
    • Time Value of Money
      • Future Value: the amount of money in the future that an amount today would yield
    • Asset Valuation
      • The present value of the stream of income
      • The possible final sale price or scrap value
    • Savings & Investments in the National Income Accounts
      • Market for loanable funds
        • Savers go to deposit their savings
        • Borrowers go to get their loans
        • Private saving = Y - T - C
        • Public saving = T – G
        • IR adjust to balance S+D for loanable funds
        • Government Policies affect market
          • Savings Incentives
          • Investment Incentives
          • Government Budget Deficits & Surpluses


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