financial changes

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    • state of public finances
      • had been in hands of senate but at end of civil war finances were in chaos; treasury was bankrupt, there was no fair or efficient taxation system, no budget and no reliable census.
    • Augustus' aims
      • he aimed to stabilise the conditions, to secure sufficient revenue and to control all sources of income.
    • imperial expenses
      • revenue needed was huge- greatest expense being the army
        • troops had to be paid but also had to have pension/ be settled.
      • another drain was provision of grain at reduced prices in times of scarcity
      • public works, public religion, police, fire protection, and shows for the people also required a lot of money.
    • need for regulation of revenue
      • augustus needed a new systematic regulationof revenue- he needed either direct or indirect control.
      • eager to preserve an appearance of constitutionalism- he only slowly assumed control of imperial finances.
      • his power as power as princeps depended on this.
    • the use of Augustus' personal wealth.
      • outlines in Res Gestae the many donationsand patrimony he made to to state, military treasury, to settle veterans, to the Roman Plebs, for building and for games and shows.
      • however he only selects the more outstanding of his generosity- does not really mention gifts to provinces of individuals.
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