Wolsey's domestic policy - finances

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  • Finances
    • greatest achievement to replace 15ths and 10ths
      • replaced by a system that accurately reflected the wealth of tax payers
        • Wolsey rejected the fixed rates of 15ths and 10ths
          • it placed a greater financial burden on the rich
    • The subsidy and 15ths and 10ths existed together
      • Wolsey favoured the subsidy because it raised more money
        • between 1513-16 raised £170,000 while 15ths and 10ths only £90,000
    • Money caused Wolsey problems with Henry and parliament
      • 1513 wolsey demanded £800,000 in taxation from parliament
        • Wolsey's manner was bad but he obtained some extra money however far less than he initially hoped for.
    • Wolsey had to accept concessions on enclosure
      • his financial policies were causing much resentment among ruling classes.


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