Film Music

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  • Film Music
    • Repetition:
      • Reminds you of what happened earlier
      • The Leitmotif can be changed to reflect what's going on
      • It can be used to create tension and suspense
    • Pop songs:
      • They often play over the opening and/ or closing credits
      • They generate publicity
      • They can also return in the background later, like a leitmotif
    • Leitmotif:
    • Composers:
      • Hans Zimmer, Ron Goodwin, John Williams
    • Effects:
      • Can show what isn't onscreen, using dynamics, pitches, unresolved suspensions etc.
      • It can reflect the movements/ emotions of the characters
      • Tension can be built by: changing the dynamics, tempo or pitch. Tunes used in earlier parts are re-used to remind you of what happened. Silence can be used before a loud part to make you jump.
    • It has to be structured and times to fit the film
    • Diegetic music:
      • Can be heard by the characters
      • Is the opposite of extra-diegetic music, that isn't part of the story
    • Themes can be changed to show that things have been changed


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