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  • Figure 2
    • Characteristics
      • Large scale
      • Representative
      • Quantitative
      • Primary
      • Reliable
      • Official statistics
    • Tends
      • Between 20-24 to 25-29 there was a sharp raise in marriage
      • there is a steady fall from 25-29 to 55-59 in both
      • The amount of woman married in the first three is higher than men
      • 30 on would, it is more likely for a men to married than woman
    • Reasons for the tend
      • More accepted to marriage later
      • Men go for younger woman and woman go for older men
      • 25-29 is the normal time for people wanting to settle down and start a family
      • 60+ could be re-marrying dual to death of a partner
      • 40+ re-marrying
      • cohabiting  instead of marriage
      • New attitudes towards marriage (secular society)
      • Trial marry before marriage


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