Fighting disease

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  • Fighting disease
    • bacteria
      • bacteria rapidly reproduce
      • they make you feel ill by damaging your cells and producing toxins
    • viruses
      • are not cells and are much smaller than bacterium
      • they replicate themselves by invading your cells and using their machinery to produce copies. the cell will then burst releasing all the new viruses. This cell damage is what makes you feel ill
    • defence system
      • you skin, and mucus in your breathing pipework stop a lot of pathogens getting inside your body
      • platelets cause blood to clot quickly preventing microorganis-ms from getting into open wounds
      • white blood cells
        • 2. engulf foreign cells and digest them
        • 1, produce antibodies. each invading cells has unique antigens on its surface, when white blood cells come across a foreign antigen they will start to produce proteins called antibodies which lock onto and kill the invading cells. these antibodies are rapidly produced and carried around the body. if a person is infected with the same pathogen the white blood cells will produce the antibodies to kill it.
        • 3. Produce antitoxins which counteract toxins produced by invading cells


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