Im the king of the castle - Fielding

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  • Fielding
    • Escapism
      • Kingshaw is welcome at the farm anytime
        • Provides an escape from Warings
      • Name
        • Kingshaw feels safe in the fields
    • Confidence
      • Contrast to Kingshaw
        • Kingshaw feels at 'ease' with Fielding
      • Kingshaw feels at 'ease' with Fielding
      • Reassures Kingshaw
        • He cant do anything to you
    • Normality
      • Can relate to him easier than Hooper and Kingshaw
      • Well balanced children can emerge from loving and secure families
      • Carefree
    • Admiration
      • Kingshaw wants to be like him
        • Kingshaw was filled with envy
        • He must be like Fielding


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