Field experiments

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  • Field experiments
    • Reliability (repeatable)
      • less reliable than lab
        • less control over variables
      • Do not have standardised method
        • more reliable then interpretivist methods
    • Validity (how true to life)
      • considered more valid than lab experiments
        • take place in natural setting
      • don't know they are involved
        • Hawthorne effect
          • (when participant changes behaviour)
      • depends on variables the researcher introduces / alters
        • whether they are 'true to life' or not
    • Representativeness
      • extent to which the researcher can generalise
      • samples usually small
        • due to time, cost, difficulty
          • not possible to generalise
            • not representative
    • Effectiveness
      • more valid than lab experiments
        • loss of control over variables
          • researcher cant identify cause and effect
            • critised as being unethical
              • people studied without their knowledge or consent
      • no way to make generalisaions about society
        • one off studies based on a small sample


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